The core of most of the work we do is property valuation.  Every rent review, lease renewal, investment purchase, sale or letting starts with an assessment of value.  Most dilapidations claims involve before-and-after valuations.  Prospective rental and capital valuations are essential to every development feasibility study.

We act for pension fund clients, property companies and private individuals in valuing commercial properties and can offer a wealth of experience across the country and even, working closely with local valuers, as far afield as San Francisco, the Caribbean and Western Australia.

Whilst agency advice may be informal, all written valuations are strictly in accordance with the RICS Red Book which sets out the required standards for valuation of properties by Chartered Surveyors.

Every valuation starts with a detailed inspection and measurement, followed by consideration of leases and other documentation, research on the local market, significant planning and highways issues, economics factors and (where relevant) tenant covenant status.

Fees are quoted on an individual basis and may be by a fixed fee (most common), time charge or percentage of value.

Property valuation
Property valuation
RICS Registered Valuer
RICS Registered Valuer

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