“Wot’s a beauty?, A flower as blaws, but proputty, proputty sticks, an’ proputty, propputty graws.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson.

It’s no coincidence that a significant percentage of most large pension schemes, insurance company holdings and investment trusts is made up of property.  In the long term it performs well against other asset classes not least because, in a growing society, there is bound to be an ever-increasing demand for an ultimately limited resource.

Harrison Goaté advises clients from private individuals contemplating a first investment through to major multinationals and pension schemes.  We will consult on the lot size, property type, risk profile and fund objectives and seek, report upon and negotiate suitable acquisitions.  We advise on strategy on a regular basis, manage properties where required, assist with funding and provide valuations.  We will market property investments for sale when strategy or cash requirements dictate and will advise on restructuring of leases, redevelopments, use changes and other strategies to constantly maximise the value and income flow of the client’s property investments.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”
Mark Twain.

Investment Property
Investment Property